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THE Small Business Marketing Podcast

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LinkedIn Expert Wayne Breitbarth

It’s always fun to talk with Wayne Breitbarth. There’s nothing like being entertained while you learn how to improve your business. We talk recruitment, job searches, how to target and connect with your most desirable prospects.

Social Media Marketing 101

The topic of social media is very complex. This episode is not the one answer to all of your social media questions. This episode intends to put things in perspective and increase your odds of succeeding with a realistic baseline of understanding what’s real and what’s not.

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What’s This All About?

The goal of this program is to simplify marketing for SMBs (Small and Mid-Sized Businesses). You don’t the time, the money, or the patience to mess around. When it comes to marketing you’re sold a bunch of garbage that sounds great but rarely improves your business the way you expect. I’m here to put things in perspective.

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