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Avoiding the Inherent Conflict of Interest Between Marketing Agencies and Your Business

In this episode...

If you did not know there was a conflict of interest between marketers and your business, you don’t know how much better your marketing projects can be.

  • Learn to identify when the conflict arises
  • Learn to side-step the conflict of interest
  • Learn how to turn the conflict of interest to your advantage

The rarely discussed but often destructive conflict of interest between marketers and businesses that buy marketing services is probably the biggest culprit for inefficiency and wasted money. Marketing companies can sell only the services they offer. On the other hand, a truly unbiased consultant can devise plans to utilize any aspect of marketing and bring the right services to the table regardless of how many vendors are required. This difference is exacerbated when fewer services are needed. Marketing firms keep the lights on by selling more services where a legitimate consultant is rewarded when results are achieved, even if no additional services are required.

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