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Everybody Thinks They Are a Marketer and It’s Killing You

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Stakeholders and anyone who has their ear can cause a tremendous lack of focus in any marketing project. If it is not identified and dealt with it will kill many projects. Unfortunately, dealing with it means managing relationships and even your own thinking on how marketing should be tackled.

  • Learn how to avoid poor marketing advice before it sends your project in the wrong direction
  • Learn how to manage the information and keep your project on budget and on schedule

Not everyone is a marketer, even though everyone believes they are or that they have all the marketing answers. There are very few certainties in life, but one thing that is certain is that in every marketing project, someone who can influence a marketing project will believe they have the answers despite having no real marketing experience. This can cause marketing projects to go badly. A truly collaborative partnership with Levelogics can help side-step these issues while saving relationships. Our systematic approach can weigh all options and definitively flesh out the most direct path to achieving the objective.

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