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LinkedIn Expert Wayne Breitbarth

In this episode...

It’s always fun to talk with Wayne Breitbarth. There’s nothing like being entertained while you learn how to improve your business. We talk recruitment, job searches, how to target and connect with your most desirable prospects.

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Wayne wanted all Totally Hyped listeners to have his Game Plan for Success

Wayne suggests we follow AJ Wilcox for the lowdown on LinkedIn Ads

Whether you’re a job seeker, whether you’re a solopreneur, whether you’re a sales manager, whether you own a company, it doesn’t matter. If you have a LinkedIn, there must be a reason you have one, you must have some thought, well, yeah, for my career, it’s for this… Okay, good. Now that’s the start of a strategy.

~ Wayne Breitbarth

“Linkedin’s the best at B2B, but I got some B2C strategies work great too. You know, whether even it’s a restaurant where we’re finding employees, whether it’s real estate agents for residential real estate, finding referrals, you know, there’s, LinkedIn is all about who do you want to find because of the database of people.”

~ Wayne Breitbarth

…if their profile is sparse and you’re saying, well, I’ll just send them a connection request. Listen, this dude doesn’t know his password! You are wasting your time, but LinkedIn was still helpful because it gave you the information, right?

~ Wayne Breitbarth

“Probably the biggest mistake is not having your profile have clarity for your target audience. In other words, it’s still looks like the last time you were changing your job.”

~ Wayne Breitbarth

“Let’s start with the company page. Should you have one? Is it important? The answer to that is yes. You should have one. It is important. If you have a LinkedIn company page, it’ll be a page one Google entry.”

~ Wayne Breitbarth

“As we sit in 2021 groups are dead.”

~ Wayne Breitbarth

“Looking for candidates – I put in title interior designer up, came a list of all the interior designers. I remember seeing that list has about 300 people. I’m looking up at Sky saying, God, do you really want me to do this? Because it seems almost like I was cheating. And I thought, I’m not supposed to know all these people’s names.”

~ Wayne Breitbarth

Expert: Wayne Breitbarth

Once a skeptic and now an outspoken proponent of LinkedIn, Wayne Breitbarth is passionate about helping business professionals—from entry level to CEO—learn how to combine their previous experience and relationships with this innovative tool in order to more successfully brand and market themselves and their businesses.


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