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You’re Measuring the Wrong Things

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Learn how to differentiate BS measurements from measurements that matter – they either achieve results or provide actionable understanding,

All too often, marketers and businesses are looking at the wrong measurements. While measuring is always good, certain measurements mean very little without supporting data. For example, one of the most treasured stats in digital marketing is Website Traffic. Everyone loves to brag about Website Traffic increases, but if a website’s Bounce Rate increases inline, you’ll see little to no benefit to your business. The same is true when you examine Website Traffic with conversions. Getting more visitors to a website is easy – trained monkeys can do it – getting the right visitors to a website and getting them to buy requires a good strategy founded on experience. There are at least a dozen other measurements where marketers and businesses fool themselves into thinking they are doing a good job. They’re wasting time and money AND not improving the business.

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